Our Services

Range Officer Training

RCO (Range Conducting Officer) Courses are available now. These courses cover a wide range of safety skills required to supervise a shooting line on our indoor and outdoor ranges. These courses are only available to members of Newtownards Shooting Club. Members enquiries should be directed at club staff.

Practical Safety Training

Practical Safety training is now available at Newtownards Shooting Club. Again this is a members only course. Courses are led by fully accredited firearms officers. There are several courses to choose from. They include practical range safety, firearm safety when conducting practical pistol and practical shotgun competitions.

Advanced Firearms Training

These are specialised courses for advanced firearms training. These courses are open to club members but each member must go through a selection process before they can be accepted. These courses are led by advanced firearms officers. They cover security details to consultancy and up to close protection duties.