Newtownards Shooting Club will always welcome new members. We strive to promote shooting excellence in Northern Ireland and we have a great team behind us helping us to promote target and practical shooting. It doesn’t matter what age you are or whether you have experience or not, come and enjoy the (safe fun) and learn about this amazing sport.

Joining your local shooting club can be a complex subject when you’re not familiar with firearms laws in Northern Ireland. We would like to outline some of the requirements for membership, we will outline what is required by you (the member) and also what is required by firearms legislation in Northern Ireland, and of course us, (the governing body, the club)

– Due to the nature of this sport we cannot accept visitors that have not prearranged a visit with an existing member. Visitors are always welcome but you must be accompanied by a club official/member.

– When attending the club as a visitor you will be required to bring identification, this may be a drivers license or a UK passport

– You will have to complete a form to state that you are not prohibited to use or be in possession of a firearm.  You will be required to have a photo taken and also have to sign an official declaration which will be kept and processed by the club.

During your visit you will be briefed on how club membership works and what is involved to become a member. This will be a good opportunity for you to ask questions that you may have.

No audio/video equipment may be used within the club grounds. This is enforced by all club officials and there is a zero tolerance approach. Due to the nature of this sport we want our members to be comfortable when shooting and participating in our club. Our members have a right to privacy and we respect that. Along with privacy, mobile phones are dangerous as they can distract shooters.  Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, cameras etc. are prohibited on all ranges within Newtownards Shooting Club.

Members/Visitors details are shared with local PSNI on a frequent basis to ensure compliance with local legislation standards.

Please visit the PSNI website for more detailed information on Firearms Licensing.

For more information on Firearms Certificates, or apply for a FAC – Click here.

For more information on what forms are required, or to browse licensing forms – Click here.

For more information on Firearm Legislation in Northern Ireland – Click here.

Promoting Shooting Excellence in Northern Ireland.

While every effort is made to ensure that all the information on this website is accurate regarding firearms, we do not guarantee it. It is up to you to use the information in a sensible and safe manner. Safety is priority number one!