Small-Bore Rifle

Target Shooting

Newtownards Shooting Club have small-bore rifle ranges for precision target enthusiasts. Small-bore target is similar to full-bore target shooting with the main difference being the type of ammunition used. Small-bore target rifles use a .22 calibre bullet referred to as a .22 rimfire, full-bore rounds are centre fire cartridges. Target shooting is performed at small cardboard targets at distances from 25 metres up to 100 metres.

Shooting combines both mental and physical strength. Shooters are ultimately required to keep very still, focus on reducing their heart rate and slow their breathing before taking every shot. This is the only way to achieve a high standard of accuracy. It’s important to note that target shooting across disciplines is one of the safest sports in the world. This is down to the type of people that appreciate what is required, safety and attention to our surroundings are key to a safe and fun shooting environment.

We teach, train and govern the shooters at our club but,  the governing body for this discipline is the National Small-bore Rifle Association, (NSRA). Visit the website for more information.

Shooting Disciplines

There are lots of different classes to choose from when shooting .22 rimfire rifles. To name a few, Bench Rest, this involves the shooter sitting at a bench and resting his rifle on various stabilisation objects. Some target shooters use sacks of  sand while others use bipods.  Small-bore free rifle is a another discipline, this involves the target shooter firing a range of shots from different positions. There are lots of different rules based on which disciplines you want to shoot in, for example, when shooting bench rest the requirements are to shoot one shot at each target while at other disciplines you’re looking to shoot the tightest group. Prone is probably by far the most popular. This involves the shooter to lie front down, because the shooter is very still this discipline is probably one of the most accurate. While we can support a range of different disciplines, all of them are not available at Newtownards Shooting Club. The reason for this is to do with certain laws and regulations set forth by the Northern Ireland Firearms act. Contact us to find out which ones are available.

.22 Rifles

The rifles that are used are of high standard and very accurate at short and long distances. It’s not uncommon for a small-bore rifle shooter to have all his shots through the same hole. That target hole is usually smaller than a 5 pence piece at a range of different distances. These rifles are usually very heavy to allow the shooter to keep them very still.

The great thing about .22 target shooting is the selection and class of the target rifles. You can spend a great deal of money and have some really complex configurations when it comes to .22 rimfires. Anschutz is a huge name in the business of target rifles and one that we share a passion for at our club.




While every effort is made to ensure that all the information on this website is accurate regarding firearms, we do not guarantee it. It is up to you to use the information in a sensible and safe manner. Safety is priority number one!